Building your dream wardrobe can be surprisingly unique and gorgeous. You will fall in love with your wardrobe again and again!

Creating your own unique image could be challenging. But sometimes an incisive advice of a professional from outside perspective is all you need to shine in your best colors! All your flattering advantages are emphasized and imperfections are smoothed out. Even your loved ones won’t recognize you looking gorgeous and radiant as Hollywood star.

– Resorting your existing clothes wardrobe, shoes and accessories;

– Creation of your personal look book (fashion portfolio) based on the existing wardrobe;

– Building-up and development of your basic wardrobe including win-win combinations for every occasion;

– Outfit arrangement for a specific event;

– Building-up of a travel wardrobe for your vacation or a business trip (The business and travel packing guide);

– An emergency Skype session – “Show me a problematic item of your wardrobe and let’s discuss it!”

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Hand-selected fashion for every style and budget. Life is hard, shopping should be easy!

Professional shopping assistance and support – What is it?

Shopping spree is an exciting time. How not to get lost in the endless ocean of offers, make the right choice and not to blow up the budget? Improve your style and gift your loved ones a surprise make over. Treat yourselves to a stress-free shopping field trip.

Shopping is not always nice and pleasant experience for everyone. It could be overwhelming, inconvenient, and takes too much time. Together we can turn this experience into fun and joy.

I will be your shopping companion, moral support and independent professional adviser with a sharp eye. I will walk you through a variety of shopping malls depending on your budget and personal preferences.

I combine brands, expert service and an unparalleled highly personalized experience that helps my clients always look their best.

Unlike any shopping assistant in a store, my focus is not on sales but on YOU and your needs. I’m not interested in selling shelf warmers. I will be able to give you as much of my time as you need, instead of just offering to hang some options in your fitting room. My goal is to make your desired fashion image come true.

And when you get tired of an endless spree of stores and malls, I’ll be there for you with a cup of coffee to charge up our batteries and continue to look for your dream outfit. Feel free to rely on my experience. You can trust me completely!

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Everyone wants to look fresh, young and attractive. We’ll discover secrets of how to accentuate and preserve our beauty and health.

Learn how to take back control of your health and get on the path of wellness.

– Working out a strategy for improving and maintaining a healthy body image;

– Healthy tips on your beauty routine;

– Improvement of your nutrition wellbeing via Epigenetics

To improve your nutrition wellbeing we employ a revolutionary analysis technic based on Epigenetics. In 15 minutes we can provide an Optimized Nutrition Plan based on your Epigenetics make-up.

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Make Your Space Your Own

Learn how to create your own unique personal comfort zone. What type of design to opt for. Where to find unique interior items that would delight your eye and soul.

Just give me some space and I will show you what I can do with it!

 – Building up and develop a residential interior design in a single unitary concept;

– Ideas, style options, color palette of the room;

– Space zoning;

– Optimization of limited spaces.


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So much more than boxes in the closet

Being organized is a must in the busy world we live in. Everything we do needs to be time efficient from getting ready in the morning to making dinner after a long day.

I will create an organized environment from your pantry to your closet and everything in between. We specialize in custom walk-in closets as your dream closet. No pantry is too small to design a storage needs. We can maximize your pantry, or any space, with our unique and proven storage design techniques. Sewing rooms, playrooms and home offices will be designed in a layout that fits your space and budget. We will listen to the your needs and deliver a product that will improve the rhythm of life in your home.

– Fashion closet;

– Functional home office;

– House-proud pantry;

– Unclutter storage.


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Expand the boundaries of your worldview through traveling.

The long awaited vacation! I want to spend these days unforgettably, to visit extraordinary places and to charge up our batteries. Planning a vacation could be stressful in so many moments since everything should be perfect.

We will take care of all the organizational difficulties and, on the basis of our own travel agency, will help you to plan a stress-free unforgettable vacation. We will take into account all your wishes, depending on personal preferences and budget. Based on our personal long-term experience of being globetrotters we know exactly how to create a perfect personalized tour package for you and your family. Your task is to relax and enjoy the journey.

– Advising on the choice of place and type of travel

– Tailoring a personal tour, hotel, airline tickets, car rent;

– Organization of excursions and rest.

We design all of our vacations with the goal that our guests will have experienced the true culture of the country they are visiting, without sacrificing comfort and security. Every vacation should end with hugs, tears, and promises to stay in touch. Our ultimate goal is to leave each of our guests having had the best vacation of their life.


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