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Hello! My name is Irina . I’m a spring child, born in May. Spring is the start of a new blooming cycle, a rave of magnificent colors, upraise of fresh fragile shoots, beginning of a new life and of course – Hope. I always feel this powerful spring charge inside of me. I got this gift from the Universe that always has been gracious to me. It helps me to recognize and appreciate greatness of the beauty that surrounds us every second of our life. To understand it you have only to look around you and raise your eyes. We will always be in need of support, positive influence on our lives and sense of happiness. I am a loyal endorser and advocate of the idea that beauty will save our ambivalent and unpredictable world. I see myself as multicultural person, a citizen of the world. Being born in Russia, a powerful nation with a deep and rich cultural heritage, it will always have a big place in my heart. Magnificent museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow, huge literary heritage, philosophical movements that form your perception, timeless masterpieces of classical music, ethereal plastique of ballet – all of it was absorbed by my consciousness with a thirst of a traveler in the desert. This thirst has not yet been quenched. Constant passion for beauty evolved in me like a vital necessity to breathe. In the same way, my much-loved Europe unraveled before me like a fairy-tale kingdom, generously and open-heartedly spreading out all its treasures before my admiring and curious gaze. Europe managed to gain and preserve, over the centuries of its existence, the wonderful things it has to offer. Oh, what an endless delight to wander well familiar streets of Paris and Nice, Barcelona and Vienna, Berlin and Prague, getting a lungful of fresh air of these magical and admirable places on Earth. Wherever my next stop was or is, I always try to find harmony and beauty in small and everyday things. An apartment in vibrant New York, a snug flat on the shore of San Diego Bay, a studio in Florida – on the fly turns into a cozy, well-planned living space. Such a priceless experience was passed over from Moscow to the United States. A country that I stand behind, that never fails to amaze me, the country that became my second homeland. A desire to share my knowledge, letting my clients in on secrets of beauty, brought me the idea of creating my own House of Beauty Whisperer, the web site you’re already in. Thank you for visiting, you are always welcome here!